six flags extra fee survival guide



Online Season Pass Renewal Fee $5 MAIL $5 UPS ground $10 UPS

Don't renew. Buy a new pass, at the park or online.
Online Print & Go Fee $5 This is up to you. depending on the deals going on at the time. If you are buying an Xtreme pass then this is a deal. It will save you $10 in parking because you can show your online ticket at the lot and get in no charge! Either way buy you tickets and passes all at once so you only pay the fee once.
"No loose article" Locker fee. In the Queue of most newer rides. I can't stress this enough. Get yourself a nice pair of Cargo type shorts or pants. They can easily fit cameras, sunscreen and sunglasses, even a baseball cap. Shun the back packs and fanny packs! Or travel with a non-rider. Have all your souvenirs brought to the front. For pick-up when you leave.
Parking Fee $15 Have someone in your group usually the one who drives or always goes, buy an extreme pass=free parking.


If you buy a Play Pass, as soon as you can, go through your coupon book. Plan out your year. Plan the free friend tickets, the discount friend tickets. The water park tickets the food and discounts etc. The dates and discounts are meant to trick you, so you can't use them. Read each one carefully. I'd say, mark them all down on a calendar. The coupon book can really save you alot of money if you use it to it's fullest. Also keep in mind, in every shop and restaurant ask if they give a Play Pass discount. You would be surprised how many do, especially for the Xtreme pass.