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I'll be the first to admit, I stand corrected. I assumed this would be the sequel no one wanted. I'm speaking of course of the last woody that stood in this spot, Psyclone. I figured Terminator would go down as Psyclone 2. Boy, was I wrong. Lets start at the entrance, shall we? The themeing for this ride has to be Six Flags best ever. It actually feels like your in a burnt out, war zone, aside from the Six Flags commercials you are bombarded with at every turn. The Que takes you through several different scenes, so you don't really get that bored. It's actually kind of like a show, with sound, movies and animatronics. Yes, animatronics! It's almost like Disney did it.

When you finally get to the ride station, there's more excitement. The Trains do a fly by, through the station overhead, at full speed! Nice.

The ride itself is very fast and very fun. It's the first woody with a built in sound system. After the lift hill and a downward u-turn it's full speed ahead the whole time. It doesn't slow down once! The scenery is just a blur, I don't even remember doing the fly by through the station. I only have one negative thing to say about this ride; It's too short.....


The feel good ride of the year.
High tech toxic waste.
You walk under the tower as part of your journey.
Sky Net decided it should terminate all landscapers first!
The Tow Drivers were next.
Your first de-briefing
That's alot of wire!
Sheet metal hallway.
abandoned and unfinished Terminators.
They're awake! Run!
Whew! finally.
The Fly by!
The best Job for cleavage shots, I bet.
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