RCT3 Paramount's Great America V2


Paramount's Great America V.2

Known Issues

Known issues ( I will add as they come to my attention)

1. Back part of park, nickelodeon central and water park not re-done
2. Park is now a very cramped with new scenery and ride additions.
3. Only finished half of custom skyway for movie.
4. Recommend putting back game skyway, as peeps will not go to the back of the park before leaving.
5. You will have to delete the old fountain jets in the reflecting pool and re-do the mixmaster display. Set the jets to the max. Increase the duration, Ive found they stay on all the time anyway.
6. I recommend removing the Eagles, as the ride goes to high it hits the Delta Flyer.
7. Peeps will flock to the Skytower, I recommend shutting it down.
8. Peeps will Ride Top Gun over and over.
9. Most of the shops have been removed for game speed during the filming of Summer Days.
10. I have fired all the staff except a Security Guard and a Mechanic.
11. I know there are some buildings and rides that are not exact or wrong, please fix them yourself and dont give me grief about it.
12. This park took 5 months the first time and 7 months the second. I am done with it. I am not going to finish it. Im moving on to other things. I will never do another real park again. Unless you pay me.
13. Must have Soaked and Wild expansion packs.

Scenery requirements
Shy guys Main St. sets 1,2,3,4
Shy guys circus center sets1,2
Shy Guys Catfish Cove set
Shy guys Alpine Village sets 1,2,3
Vodins Iron set, Lighting set v.2 and Sky car set
Pumpers steel works
ATH catwalk and coaster accessories


FIXED! 12/17/09 now a zip file

Great America V.2

Great America V.2

Custom Scenario

Sandbox edition