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Knott's Scary Farm 10/27/10

A total lack of parking staff, paid $20 freaking dollars for parking. I paid $13 for a tepid hot dog, on an ice cold bun and the fries were slightly warmer than the drink. Not to mention the extremely lame haunt this year, everything was wrong. Less monsters, fog, sound effects and stupid souvenirs.

Six Flags Magic Mountain 5/23/09

Opening day of "Terminator Salvation the Ride" The ride broke down alot. Each time was about 10 to fifteen minutes. This is bad for opening day, especially because it had opened the night before for a radio party. In addition some of plants weren't planted yet.

Knott's Berry Farm 7/31/08

My friend was very disappointed that he couldn't get a milkshake anywhere at Knott's Berry Farm. At around 8:30 we went on a milkshake hunt. We went to Johnny Rockets, Closed. We went to Coasters, Closed. We went to the big burger stand underneath the tower, open but a big sign in the window saying "no milkshakes!" After a few more tries and a couple of more rides, we decide to leave. We go to the Ice cream shop right out side the exit. We wait in line, and then the girl at the counter says that they don't make milkshakes after 8:30pm. What the? I can't Believe this. How do you expect to maximize profits if you close everything before closing. Dumb.

Six Flags Magic Mountain 6/30/08

I was at Magic Mountain in March and this policy wasn't in effect. I went yesterday and it was. All of a sudden they're making people use the lockers instead of putting your stuff on the shelves in the station. They use the excuse that it's a safety concern. The ride we were on is pushing 10 years old, now all of a sudden it's a safety concern. Yet it's still ok to put your shoes on the shelf and ride barefoot. Walking around the station in bare feet isn't a safety concern? If this is such a concern, why is it not implemented on all the rides? Why just a select few. Why all of a sudden? Why, so they can get all those suckers to pay for a locker for a few minutes. What a sham! My wife went a few rounds with a couple of the ride workers. They couldn't give her a straight answer as to why. First it was safety then it was theft then it was safety again. Obviously the workers didn't even know why. The held up the whole ride to make my wife go down and put her little back pack in the locker. She even told them there was nothing important in the pack and that there was pretty expensive shoes on the shelves. She even went as far as to throw the back pack off the platform and said what back pack? Still they stuck to their empty new policy. Six Flags if you want to charge for rides, be up front about it, don't start inconsistently enforcing some shady policy.


Six Flags Magic Mountain 8/19/09

Concerts back again at Magic Mountain! A lot of 80's bands have been playing again at Magic Mountain. Some, who even got their start there, like Berlin. It's good to see MM use the Golden bear theater more often, now, if they would only dust it.

Six Flags Magic Mountain 5/23/09

Opening day for Terminator Salvation the Ride. Excellent theming and special effects. The ride was fantastic! It was fun from the lift hill to the breaks. Super fast super fun, just too short.

Knott's Berry Farm 7/31/08

A very pleasant day at Knott's Berry Farm. Putting aside the milkshake incident. Lines were short. Rides were working and the weather was almost perfect. It's been a while since I've visited the park when it wasn't Halloween. So, seeing all the new stuff in the log ride was quite a treat.

Disneyland 3/23/08

I was glad to see the new additions to the Haunted Mansion. New changing portraits and new bride in the attic scene. Also some other changes in the ballroom.