Disneyland 3/23/08

It used to be that DL didn't issue enough fast passes now it's just the opposite. They are issuing way too many. So many it's enough to make the fast pass lines almost as long as the stand by. So if you use the stand by your wait will be twice as long.

Disneyland 3/23/08

I received the absolute worst service at the Golden Horseshoe. There was only one guy running the counter and three other workers just chatting away. Needless to say the line was to the door. Tsk, tsk.


 Disney World 9/06 I went to Disney World for my honeymoon Back in September. I'm sorry to say Disney fans, The Magic Kingdom is a cheap imitation of Disneyland. with all that land you'd think they'd make it better. I do give kudos to WDW Tomorrowland. It was like Disneyland's used to be. The Magic Kingdoms Ques were very nice. However their boats and Omnimovers were made of plastic. Main St. and the Castle were very impressive.

MGM studios was another disappointment. That was California Adventure with a different name. I'm sure we all think that park should be turned back into parking lot.

Epcot was good, too big but good.

Animal Kingdom was lush and very beautiful. Everest was awesome!

Knott's Berry Farm CA. 10/ 06

Halloween Haunt way to overcrowded. They need to relocate some of their storage areas because their putting rides on top of each other and removing historical scenery. Knott's is still a good deal, all year round.

Magic Mountain CA. 2006

Tatsu is a fun ride till you get to the inverted loop an the end. It feels like your going to disemboweled and have Aneurysm at the same time. Ride it twice and your done for a while. However the view is incredible. It's an eyesore to look at, and Valencia falls still aren't flowing.

Magic Mountain CA. Dec. 2006-Jan. 2007

Disney merchandise in all the shops. Is that how you draw in families, by selling the Devil's goods?

In December I couldn't find a Jacket anywhere in the park. In the California dessert in the wintertime it's damn cold especially when the sun goes down. There was not one jacket in the whole park. The funny thing is, that in July and It's over 100 degrees, there's jackets everywhere you look.

Magic Mountain CA. April 4, 2007

Ok, I happen to think the Foreign exchange program is a good thing. I believe it adds color, diversity, and a continental feel to the park. However on this last trip one of the kiddie park operators couldn't speak one word of English all she knew how to do was close the gate open the gate and press the red & green buttons. That doesn't make me feel safe. My Niece lost her hat, needless to say hilarity didn't ensue. The second experience I had was on the photo booth for the same ride. The guy could speak a little more English than the other girl, but had no idea about the photo card or how to do simple transactions. He tried to give back way to much change, even after I corrected him. Come on, Six Flags, I'm trying to help you out, but you've got to give me something to work with. Why not put a little cash into a training department. Don't just throw the foreign kids to the wolves on their first day.

Magic Mountain CA. June 26th 2007

Ok, I said this a couple of years ago. For the parks 35th anniversary Revolution should have been overhauled. The coaster is now, way too painful to ride. Starting with the ear busting shoulder restraints and unnecessary brakes that were added years ago. I now fear the ride is suffering from a bad case of square wheels. Please, Six Flags, restore this historic coaster to its former glory, like Disney did with Space Mountain.

Great America Santa Clara, CA. 8/05/07

I wanted to go to Great America with my wife in September for vacation this year, but it appears that their regular season is going to end on August 27th. What the heck? Is this the way Cedar Fair is going to start their first year at Great America? This is California not Ohio. We still have plenty of warm weather until October and not all schools are back in session in August. There are still plenty of people on vacation until September. Six Flags is farther north and they got it right.

I see that they're season passes are still regular price. What kind of jerk would by a season pass now, it's over. I've noticed alot of inconsistencies' in Cedar Fair's Season Passes. For one you pay a lot more if you buy a California Maxx pass at Knott's Berry Farm yet you can't go the whole month of October unless you want to leave by 5:30. The cost of living in San Jose and Buena Park is about the same. Shame on you Cedar Fair, shame on you. Ending the season early won't help the financial problem you're in.

Not to sound like they aren't open at all after August, Great America will be open weekends and holidays until mid November.

Knott's Berry Farm & Magic Mountain CA. October '07

Very disappointed in the Halloween festivities this year. See the Halloween Special page for the details and pictures.


Walt Disney World Resort. 09/06

We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. The Service was excellent and the staff was super friendly. You won't get that kind of service at the California Parks. The rooms were very nice and the hotel was thoughtfully laid out. I also have to mention that the food was reasonably cheap, everywhere. If you go definitely use the Magical Express service. Its a painless way to travel.

Magic Mountain CA. 2006/ 2007

Park has been cleaned up, it's finally getting some much needed maintenance. Characters and staff everywhere.

Freefall operating again after how many years?

Magic Mountain CA. April 4, 2007

Psyclone removed, I have Photos!!!!

Orient Express is back! photos posted.

Ninja gets some new track and a paint job! photos posted.


SF Discovery Kingdom CA. May 27th 2007

Watch out, Sea World and Disney! Six Flags has your number and they're dialing. If Discovery Kingdom is the prototype of things to come at Six Flags Parks, Then you're in real trouble. I was very impressed with the new stuff at Discovery Kingdom. The Park was already Beautiful. Now they're taking the theming thing seriously. I happened to go on a 3 day weekend so needless to say I was in stroller hell. The crowds couldn't keep me from noticing all the cool new stuff they added. If your reading this check out the Discovery Kingdom page. To all, Definitely Check this park out, you won't be sorry!

Magic Mountain CA. June 26th 2007

Good day at Magic Mountain. Walked on all the rides, trams look so much better.

Knott's Berry Farm CA. October 26th 2007

Very Impressed by new ride Timberline Twister. Very fun from beginning to end. Unfortunately it's very short. But seeing yourself on video while on the ride was priceless.

 Magic Mountain CA. 10/31/07

Walked on all the rides. This was the first day I've ever seen the popular rides like Riddler's Revenge or Batman and Scream run empty trains. That was freaking awesome! Let me tell you Wonder Woman was hot! she has a beautiful patriotic caboose, if you know what I mean. I took some pictures. I wanted to take more, but, I felt like I was stalking. So, maybe next time. Look for pictures coming up soon.