9/01/11 North America. Six Flags announced it's 2012 line up, last night. Including, a double sided drop tower attached to the Superman tower, for Magic Mountain. The ride will be themed as Lex Luthor. Discovery Kingdom, is getting a launched coaster, themed after Superman. Great America, is getting a Wing ride coaster. There's a clip from the SF president, explaining all the new additions and the company's pledge, to add a new attraction, to every park, every year. See the clips here!

7/23/11 Anaheim, CA. Disney's California Adventure's California Screamin' made and emergency stop, after, a guest's backpack fell out and landed on the track. The backpack triggered the sensors which immediately stopped the ride. The Fire dept. had to rescue all the riders, as there, was no way to re-start the train, or a nearby set of stairs.

7/09/11 Darien, NY. An Iraq War Veteran fell out of "The Ride Of Steel" yesterday afternoon, at Darien Lake. The man, Sgt. James Hackemer, had no legs. The warning sign on the ride says you must have two legs to ride. His parents said He wanted to live life, he did what he wanted to do.( not a quote) It is a shame to survive a war and die at home on something that's  supposed to safe.

6/20/11 Sandusky, OH. Cedar Fair today announced that the CEO Dick Kinzel will retire in January and be replaced by Matthew Ouimet, who will take charge immediately. Ouimet was a VP with the Disney Co. Cedar Fair may have just lost a demon and gained a devil. May god have mercy on their souls.

6/09/11 Valencia, CA. Six Flags Magic Mountain's Green Lantern will not make it's June 18th opening date. The ride is complete, however it appears someone didn't read the blueprints properly and now the have to dig out, underneath the station, to allow clearance for the trains. Doh! The new scheduled opening date is July 1st.

1/23/11 Valencia, CA. Ok, alot of things have changed as far as plans go for Magic Mountain. Apparently Six Flags has changed their advertising policies and will only continue their licensing with Warner Bros. So, with that, Thomas Town is gone The Mr. Six coaster will now be called "Roadrunner Express" and will not be located next to Déjà Vu but in place of Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls and Terminator will be renamed "Apocalypse". I will post pictures as soon as I can get to the park. Don't quote me on the licensing part because I'm not sure if the rumor is 100% true.

10/08/10 Buena Park, CA. An accident occurred on the Pony Express coaster at Knott's Berry Farm last night. A train didn't make a complete launch and rolled back, striking the other empty train waiting at the station. 10 people were injured. The park stayed open. This is the second injury accident at Knott's in 13 months, If you remember the Xcelerator had an accident last September. (see news archive)

9/16/10 St. Louis, Missouri. Six Flags St. Louis will also be getting a Star Flyer type ride (read below) in 2011 called "SKYSCREAMERr". It's officially an epidemic.

8/23/10 Sandusky, Ohio; Buena Park, CA. Looks like both Cedar Point and Knott's Berry Farm will be getting a Star Flyer type ride for 2011. It's basically a giant carousel type swing without the swivel. The swing will take you high above than any swing has gone before. There is, however, a patent issue concerning the ride. An Australian company called Funtime Group vs. a company from the Netherlands, Funtime Group claims to hold the patent. Blah, blah, blah. Who wants a giant friggin' swing anyway?

7/08/10 Sandusky, Ohio. A fire broke out in a maintenance building at Cedar Point yesterday injuring 3 firefighters. 2 from heat exhaustion and 1 from a falling ladder. 3 rides were shut down including the Corkscrew. No word on the cause of the fire.

4/20/2010 Valencia, CA. since Six Flags has put their new "secret" character on facebook, I'm now allowed to share. Here is Lil' Six!

3/27/10 Valencia, CA.. I cannot announce details, I wasn't even allowed to take pictures, however A Major Theme Park Company will unveil a new mascot to supplement The Dancing Old Fool  for the 2010 season. Hint, think Austin Powers 2 & 3.

12/16/09 Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Fair will be sold to Apollo Global Management. Wow! for $635 million. This after the company lost more than a million customers this year and it's rival filed for bankruptcy earlier in April. All I can say is, I feel that the company needed some new blood. Dick Kinzel was not the right man to run the company for so long.

09/18/09 Buena Park, Ca. A cable broke on Xcellerator the ride during launch, injuring two people who were hit by the cable and debris. The ride will be shut down until it can be inspected by Government inspectors.

05/17/09 Anaheim, CA. Looks like the fish is getting the boot! On a recent trip to Disneyland, Ariel's Grotto has been fenced off along with some new signage and a couple of shots I took over the fence, reveals a new Fairy land, run, by none other than the notorious Tinkerbell. Guess that's it for the Redheaded Mermaid. The new Fairy land looks neat and we know all the little girls will love it.

 4/29/09 New York, New York. Six Flags Stocks won't be listed on the exchange ticker anymore, as it has been selling for under a dollar for over a year and Six Flags has also defaulted by not paying it's Piers dividend to it's shareholders. Six Flags also won't be paying back it's debt on time this year.

9/22/08 I am Proud to announce that our new movie "Summer Days" should be finished by Thursday this week. be sure to check it out, on the movies page.

7/16/08 New York, NY Six Flags Stocks fell 44% to $0.48 a share and after hours gained another 15 cents. It dropped to 25 cents a share at its lowest. All this due to the economy and investors not believing that people are going  to theme parks this year. I say nay, nay. I have seen the crowds this year and it doesn't look that much different. My advice is, buy some Six Flags stock now, while it's cheap. When the numbers come out in August it will be a totally different story.

6/30/08 Austell, GA. Six Flags over Georgia reopened Saturday the 28th after being closed for a day following the decapitation of a 17 year old boy. The Genius scaled two 6 ft. fences surrounding the Batman ride, to try and grab the feet of a friend as he went by. This is sad in so many ways.

6/01/08 Studio City, CA. Universal Studios Hollywood. Several Portions of the park burned to the ground today. Including the King Kong and Back to the future tram sets, along with tons of movie footage. Universal says they have duplicates of everything. Thousands of visitors were turned away at the gate. They say they should open as usual on Monday.

5/21/08 Sandusky, Ohio. Saturday May 24th is opening day at Cedar Point. An All-you-can-eat buffet will be offered all weekend. The "All Wheels Extreme" stunt show will be a new edition this year. Hopefully they have more luck with that kind of entertainment than Six Flags Did.

4/2/08 Frankfort, KY. The Kentucky Senate passes a bill against ride operators being minors. This inspired by the accident at "Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom" Where a little girl had her feet severed by a snapped cable on "Superman Tower of Power" Though it sounds like a good idea,  that accident was mechanical, not human error. 10 states have this law already.

3/18/08 New York, NY  Six Flags announced they will have their own cheer leading team called "Thrill Leaders" Whatever. Family oriented?, maybe. Chicks in short skirts, I'm there. More thrills for me.

2/27/08 Santa Clara, Ca. California's "Great America" should have a new huge Woody by 2009. I said "huge woody", ha ha! But seriously, I haven't heard any official word, however these photos look like the real deal. It looks like the thing will go all through that side of the park. Awesome! I can't remember what site I stole the pics from, so, sorry. They were to important.                                       See Photos Below!

2/27/08 Valencia, CA. Six Flags, Magic Mountain! See which rides got the wrecking ball first. That and other neat stuff!

12/17/07 Orlando, FL. A unconscious man was pulled from a train on Expedition Everest, at Disney's Animal Kingdom park today. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. No one is sure if the man had a prior medical condition and a autopsy is planned. Since 1989 15 people have died at U.S. Disney parks.

12/14/07 Anaheim, CA. For those of you few, who haven't heard Disney plans to spend 10 billion dollars to make California Adventure even more boring.

11/07/07 Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA. Magic Mountain will start work on X2. Basically it's X with all new and improved trains, and a portion of it will go through a tunnel. It's supposed to have all new sights and sounds, adding another dimension to the multi-dimensional coaster. Sounds pretty sweet!

11/07/07 Buena Park, CA. Knott's Berry Farm has begun construction on a new coaster. A steeplechase around the Ghost Town and Wilderness area.

9/26/07 Geauga Lake-Cleveland Ohio. Cedar Fair announced it will tear down most of it's Geauga Lake amusement park. They will concentrate on it's adjoining water park. The park has been failing for years now. Even before they bought it from Six Flags three years ago. Cedar Fair has been stripping it of it's attractions from the start. It's a shame to have to say goodbye to this 119 year old park. Farewell Geauga Lake....Bad, Cedar Fair!

8/22/07 New York City, NY. Six Flags Announces it will publish A series of children's books based on the animals from it's Discovery Kingdom park. Both educational and fun. Where do I buy these books? At Discovery Kingdom and at Six Flags .com.

7/12/07 Great America-Santa Clara, CA.  A 4 year old boy drowned in a new wave pool in Boomerang Bay. Park lifeguards used CPR on the boy until paramedics arrived. The boy was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Great America has no size or age restrictions in the pool areas. Regardless of policy, why was a 4 year old in a wave pool to begin with? Very sad.

5/03/11 Sandusky, OH. Rumors confirmed, Wildcat will be removed for the 2012 season. The troubled ride will be removed in order to expand Celebration Plaza. Are you sad? Let us know in the forums.

6/09/11 Sandusky, OH. Cedar Point's WildCat coaster had an accident on Sunday. A car returning, hit another car, waiting at the station. Seven People we're injured. The park adjusted the braking system and the ride re-opened Tuesday. A similar accident happened on the same ride in 2008, when a car rolled back into the station injuring nine people.

6/10/11 Valencia, CA. An accident occurred on Tatsu last night. A mechanic was working on the ride and got a six inch gash in his arm. He was rushed to the hospital. No one's sure how the accident happened, as yet. Those are the only details so far. Stay tuned.

2/08/11 Anaheim, CA. a man is suing Disneyland Resort For leaving him on the "It's A Small World Ride" for 40 minutes. The ride was stuck and staff was helping other passengers off first. Oh, did I forget to mention the man was quadriplegic? He also alleges the staff failed to call paramedics when his blood pressure spiked. The man is suing for liability, emotional distress and negligence. I know if I had to listen to that song for 40 minutes, I'd sue too.

10/20/2010 Valencia, CA. Six Flags Magic Mountain made the official announcement today, to celebrate it's 40th anniversary it will bring it's coaster count up to 18 for 2011. Adding 3 new coasters, well, almost. They will include a Superman redux "Escape from Krypton" where basically the new cars will travel backwards up the tower and Green Lantern which will be the only "Zag Spin" coaster in North America and lastly the delayed opening of the Mr. Six dance coaster. I would have settled for re-furbs of Colussus, Revolution and Gold Rusher. 18 put's MM back on top as far as a coaster count. Will cedar point follow suit? See the Promo Video Here!

10/08/10 Vallejo, CA. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Announced today, it, will also be getting a Star Flyer type ride. Wow, when will it end? They need a big coaster, not another spinny ride.

8/19/10 Anaheim, CA. A drunk dumbass fell over 20 feet while waiting in line for The Tower Of Terror ride at Disney's California Adventure Park. He had climbed over the railing and was joking about falling and he did. He was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. This guy is the "Official Whiteknuckle Dumbass of the year." We Salute you.

8/19/10 Anaheim, CA. A Muslim restaurant employee was sent home for wearing her head scarf, which, is not part of her costume. She was told to remove it or go home. She returned to work the next two days with the same result. Basically the Disney position is this: If you work around the public you are on stage, you have to wear the costume the way they want, if not, you work away from the guest and the head garb is ok. They really believe since she has been working there for two years and not worn the scarf then this is a ploy by the union which Disney is in contract negotiations with.

5/12/10 New York, NY. Six Flags announces They Have A new interim CEO, Al Webber, The Former CEO of Paramount Parks. What happened to Mark Shapiro, you may ask? I don't know. All that is being said is, he's no longer with the company. Al Webber was with Paramount Parks during the final dark years before they sold to Cedar Fair. All I know is, I hope he doesn't destroy what's left of the theming of the Six Flags Parks. We all know the damage that Six Flags has done to itself in the late 90's.

1/29/2010 Anaheim, CA. The Tower of Terror in Disney's California Adventure seems to be the best ride to get to 2nd base. Anaheim police are looking for a man who grabbed a woman's boob during the ride, then fled when the ride let out. Police are hoping the on-ride photo and surveillance cameras might help point out the perp. I have only one question. Is this really worth pursuing? I mean did it really hurt? Is it worth the police effort?

12/16/09 Newport Beach, CA. Sad News! Roy E. Disney Died today of stomach cancer. Roy was the nephew of Walt and son of Roy O. Disney the founders of Disney. Roy worked his way up through the company. He was responsible for a couple of board uprisings that got two CEOs ousted, when the company was losing sight of it's creators vision. This is a sad day for the Disney Family, company and everyone. Roy, you will be missed.

11/04/09 Sandusky, Ohio. The last rides on Demon Drop were given today. The Last of the great freefall towers will no longer reside at Cedar Point. Thankfully the ride will not be scrapped, but will be re-located to Knott's Berry Farm in California under the same name. California lost it's tower in 2008 When Six Flags Magic Mountain scrapped Freefall. So Demon Drop will be a welcome sight. in 2010.

6/15/09 New York, New York. Six Flags has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on the 13th. Six Flags has assured everyone that their parks will stay open and run business as usual while they are restructuring.

02/09/09 Anaheim, CA. Controversy over the the refurbishment of "It's A Small World" at Disneyland resort continues. People are complaining about the editions of some well known Disney characters to the ensemble of annoying singing children. I rode it, I saw it, so what. They were done to blend in. It's all in good taste.

10/22/08 Valencia, CA Six Flags Magic Mountain announced the Name and details of it's new wooden coaster for 2009. The coaster is to be Called "Terminator" Loosely based on the film and T.V. franchise, very loosely. I don't see the tie in. It looks more like Psyclone 2. Check out the simulator!


I have new photos of the construction, click the link above.

6/24/08 Buena Park, CA. Knott's Berry Farm has a new policy regarding disabled passengers. No more cuts, that's right. Disabled passengers will have to wait in line like everyone else. I'm not sure what to feel about that.

5/21/08 Valencia, CA. Six Flags Magic Mountain will have the grand opening of X2 on Saturday May 24th. X2 will open without tunnels, which were cancelled. In case you didn't know. There will be a Campout on Friday night it's $50. No frills and no season passes excepted. Feel jipped? Call for reservations 661-255-4500

3/27/08 New York. Six Flags Great Escape. 400 people Reported symptoms of norovirus after visiting the indoor water park. This happens at water parks and cruise ships all the time. No big deal.

3/13/08 News Recap. I'm sorry I haven't been updating as much but here's what's been going on the last month. Six Flags announced it was going to build a Park in Dubai. Why?, you may ask. Because, since the Arabs are taking all our disposable income at the gas pump, they, will be the only ones able to afford to visit a theme park in the coming years. Six Flags releases details of it's new "Dark Knight" coaster. The coaster will have a story line and audio and visual effects.  The ride will open at 3 parks. Great America, Great Adventure and New England. Six Flags has also started a new advertising campaign. This one features a stereotypical Japanese guy's head saying "More flags, more fun". It's funny the first time, then you remember the old guy was more entertaining.

12/17/07 Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government has reported that attendance at Hong Kong Disneyland has dropped 1.2 million guests from last year. Disney says they aren't sure. Last year they reported 5.2 million guests, this year over 4 million guests. The Hong Kong Government owns 57% of Hong Kong Disneyland and Disney Owns 43%. Who owns the sweatshop in "It's a Small World" nobody's saying.

12/14/07 Valencia, CA. Six Flags Magic Mountain will remove some rides for 2008. Flashback ( thank goodness ), Circus Wheel, Spin Out ( shame ), Sierra Twist, Granny Grand Prix and Free Fall ( why? ) I'm sure we all have some fond memories on those rides. They will be missed.

10/10/07 Santa Clara, CA. The San Francisco 49ers want to build their new stadium in the Great America parking lot. Cedar Fair said no. The city of Santa Clara is going along with this rubbish. Let's go over this and see, just, how dumb of an idea this is. First, Santa Clara is 50 miles from S.F. are the 49ers going to change their name? Second, is there not enough vacant land outside of Santa Clara to build a Stadium? You could probably build 10 stadiums and not bother anyone. Third, building a stadium usually turns the surrounding area into a seedy area and supports crime. Why would a little town like Santa Clara want that? Fourth, the 49ers suck, who, in their right mind, would want them in their town? The 49ers offered to buy the park if need be. I know when I go to a theme park, I don't want to see or buy a bunch of NFL crap. Why don't they knock down a Winery to put up this stupid stadium? Winery's have lots of land.

8/22/07 New York City, NY. Six Flags announced 8/13/07 that Guest satisfaction is at an all time high for two straight months. Guest were polled on park cleanliness, character presence, safety and rides. The surveys were conducted by an independent survey co. Who does surveys for the theme park industry including Disney.

7/20/07 Sandusky, OH. I read this story a couple of weeks ago and dismissed it as a Motley Fool fantasy but, it's generating such a buzz. I now think it maybe true. That Cedar Fair got in way over it's head by buying the Paramount Parks and is now asking around looking for someone to buy them. Hang in there Cedar Fair. Maybe you should lower that pricey admission to get the guest count up.