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  Here, you will find movies made with RCT3. For those  that don't know, The game has camera capabilities and  can film clips. With a suitable movie editor, such as Windows Movie Maker you can make cool little movies like these. I wont be re-posting movies I've downloaded "except for the Bitter Jeweler films", so if you would like to see your movies posted here, then go to the submit page.

Remember:  Any media posted on this site is for your personal use only. Never repost on another site without permission from the authors. Any Movie, or pictures, I've made is O.K. for repost, as long as you leave the credits intact.

Please!: These movies are large in size, so if you are going to watch them over and over, please, right click save as. This will save bandwidth. Thank you.


NEW MAY 2013

On Ride POV of Knott's Coastrider

Coastrider POV


NEW MAY 2013

An over view of Knott's Boardwalk Area

Knott's Boardwalk Area


NEW MAY 2013

Last Ride on SFMM Log Jammer's Last Day. I've had this footage in my camera for 2 years. I've finally done something with it.

Log Jammer's Last ride


This is a movie I made 5 years ago. I made it because I was upset at Six Flags. If you remember they kept threatening to close Magic Mountain. They wanted to draw more families to the park and Magic Mountain had to much of a bad reputation to get the families back. Well here's the news flash folks. Six Flags is the company that screwed it up. It used to be a very family oriented park. Read more in the rants & raves section. So, any way. I thought I should make a movie showing the park in its heyday the 1980s
Magic Mountain 1985


Here's a movie I made 5 years ago. It's a remake of the video "Club Tropicana" By the 80's band Wham! Redone with RCT3 peeps. enjoy..
Club Tropicana


Here's a movie I made 4 years ago. I made it to encourage people to sign the petition to save the park.
Save Geauga Lake


A movie based on Paramount's Great America. Made a Year Ago.

Summer Days


The Bitter Jeweler had a really cool RCT3 web site a few years back. With some great movies he made. His site has since disappeared, but I had saved some of his movies. These movies are really incredible. Guys like the Bitter Jeweler, Mike Yee and Vodhin have really been an inspiration to a lot of us. The production on these films are top notch and I haven't seen anything like them since. I couldn't let these films fade into oblivion, they are too great. If anyone knows Bitter Jeweler tell him get back to making great films.


The Blair Witch Project

By Bitter Jeweler

Blair Witch Project


Seasons in the sun                                   By Bitter Jeweler, Music by the Terry Jacks
Seasons in the Sun


Saturday in the Park                                  By Bitter Jeweler. Music by Chicago            
Saturday in the park



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