Six Flags Magic Mountain

New Construction


As new picture sets are added, they will be added to the bottom of the page to show progression. So, keep scrolling down.



April 12th


A new hammer skill game was added by Déjà' VU.

Still very little progress on Thomas Town The new Johnny Rockets is finished.

General Observations

Very little progress or changes.


June 25th

Valencia Falls, flowing again. Yeah, finally! MM's latest attraction, in the Spinout space. A redwood fence.
Thomas Town, now open. 1 of the 2 rides.
My biggest concern. The petting zoo is still there. Why, the creepy name? Downsized, only goats, saw no ducks or turtles.
What you have all been waiting for. There she goes.

General observations


The park looks good. I hate looking at all the holes from the removed rides. Thomas Town looks great but very small and no room for expansion. Almost all the queues got a flat screen TV. The queue for X2 looks very high tech, although it plays advertisements and very repetitive extreme sport accidents. X2 is the same and loads no faster. Critter Canyon shrunk, a lot. Valencia Falls are working again. I thought they never would. The park has gotten very commercial all around. I see the need for money but I hope it disappears in time. With all Six Flags emphasis on Family I see no sign of them going in that direction. They still seem to be all about coasters and big thrills. It's the same old song and dance from the same old company. Business as usual.



This show got better, I used to hate it. Someone always makes me go.