Report on 2008 Festivities

1st annual Halloween Haunt at California's Great America

CGA's new Hearse

This Was The First Year For the Haunt at Great America So I'll cut them some slack. The Park was very well decorated for the daytime, with plenty of stuff for the kiddies. It was so well done It looked like Disney did it. However, the actual Haunt is a different story. The 95% of the Monsters lacked any talent at all. There was hardly any monsters at all. The Scare zones were anything but. The mazes were almost just as dull. I almost thought I was at Six Flags, It was that mediocre. I feel bad writing this because a few of the actors really put their heart into it, but most of them looked like they were more scared of you. I'm sure Cedar Fair was just testing the waters this year, lets hope they do better next year.

Crowning achievements

Be Sure to Miss

Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem

Dave Hill's Haunted Hypnotics

Werewolf Canyon Maze

Ghouls infest the Reflecting pool

This Guy Pops up!

Eagles get a Ghostly Makeover

Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain

$5 extra bucks to go through the mazes? Foul!