Report on 2007 Festivities

Knott's Scary Farm

A animatronic ghostly horseman, who, periodically comes alive and shoots at you.

I was disappointed at this years Haunt. The Scare zone had hardly any smoke machines and the monsters were few and far between. The mazes were average for Knott's, Most were also lacking in the monster department. A lot of lights were also left on this year which added to the non-scariness. I was however impressed with Knott's increased use of animatronics, they have some really incredible new creatures. All in all, from what I hear of Universal this year, Knott's better step up it's game if it wants to stay on top.

Six Flags Fright Fest at Magic Mountain.

Entrance to Magic Mountain's Fright Fest.

This was very disappointing. Magic Mountain didn't even try this year. I don't know what happened. The last few years I thought were successful. I don't know why they just seemed to give up. The scare zones were non existent. Hardly any smoke and the one maze I went in, completely sucked. It was just loud and annoying. I decided to call it a night after that. I gave up. To give Six Flags the benefit of the doubt, I went on Halloween night which was a Wednesday, They may have finished it up on the weekend. They may have thought the park was going to burn down. That area has been plagued with bad luck the last two months, with fires and huge accidents. Hopefully they will make amends next year, I'll still go.

The Colossus spider

Gotham city has a spider problem

There was no maze here! What the heck?

One of the few shows going on.

The Riddler running empty trains? or is it full with ghosts?

Even Daffy was baffled by the lack of Halloween spirit.

Very funny Daffy, give the Troll Wizard his clothes back....

2006 Festivities.

Knott's Scary Farm

Way, too Crowded, no dates on the souvenirs. Took pictures but none came out.

Universal Studios

Didn't go, probably lame as always.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Costumes are great, it's just that the park is too big to haunt. Roach eating contest, that's a plus.

Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain
2006 Friday The 13th Coaster Scare-A-Thon
Last year, Magic Mountain put on an event, so crazy, I had to do it. On Friday the 13th 2006, COLOSSUS 13 HOURS STRAIGHT, BACKWARDS!

I think 300 signed up and about 75 showed up. I was number 25 on stand by and I got bumped up to rider. A lot of people dropped out after the first two rounds. As people dropped out, they were replaced by new riders. I saw a lot of puke that day, more than I've ever seen at a day at the park. To ride Colossus once backwards is a feat, for 13 hours is insane. I salute my fellow riders. What we did that day was truly a test of human endurance. If you've never been on Colossus, let me tell you what it's like. It's like riding a skateboard, with square wheels, down pile of rocks, while someone hits you in the thighs with a baseball bat. Now, do that backwards for 13 hours. It's been a year and I still feel the bruises.

I won Two Extreme Passes and a bunch of free tickets. Six Flags did the event first class the whole way without any problems.

I have to say the Biggest thrill for me, after it was all over. Was that I got to walk through the park while the sun came up, with no one else around, the only sound was the chirping of the birds. That was like heaven.

Morning, still kind of fresh.

After hour thirteen. "One more round!" "No!, no!, c'mon."

The Winner's Circle. Can you guess who I am?

The beaten-up, tired and hungry. No more rides today. Get the prizes and go home.