Brand new entrance

A singing pumpkin duet.

Heckles and Stitch stage, what a party.

a lot more of the usual decorations.

A giant inflatable Gossamer.

An animated talking corpse. Very cheesy.

Giant Jokesters head at his hideout.
Sky Tower through the mist.
Fright Fest, as usual, was disappointing.  Though, full of energy those looking for a fright would leave unsatisfied. Scare Zones were few and far between. Areas that were supposed to be Scare Zones weren't. Only the top of the mountain was acceptably haunted, Gotham city is just a melee of posers every year. The mazes and decor were amateur at best. It's really hard to feel any sort of fear whem you are being bombarded by commercials at every turn. On the plus side, the maze monsters were strategically placed and plentiful. The Jokester's hideout maze was a lame clone of a clown maze, but had a few surprises I wasn't expecting, so, I'll give MM a kudos for that. If you are looking for Halloween fun, Fright Fest has it. But, if your looking for an outstanding scary time, look elsewhere.
Walk in, limp out, because you've been screwed.
Cool effects as usual
A creepy ghost town organist.
Ed Alonzo, always puts on a great show! Don't miss it.
Yes, this girl has no legs.
She is an amazing acrobat.
Dance routines of the Ed Alonzo show
Log Ride was great this year, despite the lack of monsters.
Knott's was a huge disappointment this year. Scare zones, including the Gauntlet were mediocre, if that. Maze monsters were few and far between. A lot more lights were on this year along with a total lack of smoke and the wind sound effect. Souvenirs were generic and uninteresting. It felt like an almost total lack of interest  on behalf of Knott's this year. I don't know whether they decided to cut back on staff or couldn't hire enough help, but it was weak to say the least. If you compare the haunt today, to the haunt a few years ago, it's like night and day. Luckily, everyone else sucks too, because, Knott's definitely gave it Six Flags this year.