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About This Site:

The Idea for this site was much different in the beginning. I bought this car back in 2001, a 2002 PT Cruiser. I thought it looked like a miniature Hearse. I decided to go with that, especially going through an extremely gothic phase. I picked out a personalized license plate, that basically said crypt cruiser, from there I added Hearse style curtains in the rear and rear passenger windows. Thus the Crypt Cruiser name was born. My original site was going to be all about me and my car and our adventures. Lame, right? Very. I built the site, but never published it. I made a bunch of cheesy wallpapers, which I still have and are posted in the desktop section. I thank goodness, I never published that site. However I decided to keep the name since It has become an identity and my license plates are still the same.


White Knuckles:

My Battle with my Weight had drove me to the use of that famous weight loss pill. The one with Ephedra and tons of Caffeine. The use of that over a period had given me a severe case of Anxiety of heights and high speed. I couldn't even drive in the fast lane any more. This condition actually came to my realization while boarding a giant Ferris Wheel at a County Fair. I was Scared to death. Me? Scared of a stupid Ferris Wheel? Me the thrill seeking King; Never! My girlfriend took one look at me, and screamed for the operator to stop the ride. My face white as a sheet, my eyes dilated to pinpoints and the worst case of WHITE KNUCKLES you ever saw.


I stopped taking those dreadful pills shortly before they were banned. I became almost obsessed with reclaiming myself and my former daredevil attitude. I went to theme parks every chance I could, almost twice a month for a while. I kept challenging myself to ride the next biggest coaster. I have come along way. There are still a couple rides I won't go on, and a few that still scare the crap out of me, no matter how many times I go on them. It's usually the climb that's the worst part. Thankfully I'm driving in the fast lane again. I actually think there should be a faster one, but oh well. To finish off this boring story this site in named for one of the greatest feelings ever. That feeling of riding that ride for the first time, not knowing what to expect. When all the logic in the world isn't enough to convince you, that every things going to be okay. That  nervous feeling in your stomach. It's all these things that make you grip the safety bar extra tight, and gives you those WHITE KNUCKLES.


I really wanted this site to appeal to a broad range of people. Not just one age group or fan base. I want everyone who comes here to see at least one thing they like. As people begin to submit media you will see the pictures change to reflect a broader base. If you think this site resembles Doombuggies.com a little. I am a big fan of that site I think it's very visually appealing. I submitted some stuff to Chef a few years back, on the first year of the Haunted Mansion holiday. I don't think he even read it or looked a the photos he just deleted it. What's the Crypt Cruiser's favorite ride, you ask? Why, the Haunted Mansion of course..



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