Six Flags Magic Mountain

New Construction

Progress of the new rides going in.

As new picture sets are added, they will be added to the bottom of the page to show progression. So, keep scrolling down.


Looks the Same.

Almost the same.

New Paint, More Racing!.

Nice new restraints.
Nice graphics. Not sure if this is permanent, it was for media day.
Whistlestop park retrofit. No Mas, Thomas
no more Percy Stupid, waste of space!
Oh, this is better than Sierra Twist? All the benches are placed right against a branch.
the Old restaurant was demolished to make way for? Whatever, same ride, same theme.
No progress! at all
Roadrunner express will go here, eventually. They took out what's left of the animal farm (critter canyon)
General Observations

A lot of work is being done, but, little progress is being made.

Finished! This is Roadrunner Express, very cutely themed, but is still lacking and very short.
See, it's up! But, now they have to fix their work. The comical DC Universe
More to come!