Six Flags Magic Mountain

New Construction

A lot of new paint this year, not to mention the new Mr. Six Dance Coaster going in next to Deja' Vu.

As new picture sets are added, they will be added to the bottom of the page to show progression. So, keep scrolling down.


hard to tell, but Batman is now Blue!

Goliath got some fresh paint!

The "Flags" store got a real ugly paint scheme.

New Massive umbrellas. Weird.
Speaking of horrid paint schemes. Cedar Fair, look out! They replaced the "Heatwave" Goth shop with "Surfer Girls"
the Old restaurant was demolished to make way for..> Dirt!
This needs to open in May?! Well, this will be "Mr. Six Dance Coaster" soon enough.
June 2010
Attitudes will now be "Studio 6F" all the parks are adding these. New character photo spots! Thomas Town & Midway area
The old Crazy Barrels' site, now a trash dump. The Shame! Mr. Six Dance Coaster won't open till 2011
General Observations

The place is still getting cleaned up. The new Coaster will be a family one.