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9/3/13 CA Great America and Santa Cruz pics
7/21/13  Pics of Knott's 4th of July Fireworks
7/19/31 NEWS. Contest winner Kelvin Lee! Pics of Canada's Wonderland


7/19/13 Sandusky, OH. Accident! Several people were injured on Shoot The Rapids. A boat rolled back down the lift hill and almost capsized. Several bystanders jumped into water to keep the boat upright and help rescue riders, no serious injuries reported.

5/30/13 Buena Park, CA. Knott's Berry Farm's Grand opening of the new Boardwalk today and the Re-dedication of Timber Mountain Log Ride. However, to much everyone's dismay, the Log Ride couldn't open today. Boo!

5/23/13 Redondo Beach, CA. We are happy to announce a new contest, with lot's of winners. Simply submit photos of a ride opening or your favorite park and win a "Cryptcruiser.com official photographer t-shirt." Read official rules HERE.

10/09/12 Los Angeles, CA. Six Flags announced in late August, Magic Mountain's 2013 coaster. A coaster with three launches and the worlds tallest loop, with a top hat. Not the giant everyone hoped for. They can't keep a ride with one launch going, let alone three. So, expect constant breakdowns and enormous wait times, due to it's configuration. With the trouble I'm predicting, I predict, this coaster, will be a flop and will be SBNO within two years.

10/09/12 Sandusky, OH. Cedar Point has removed Disaster Transport and literally blew up Space Spiral to make way for it's new 2013 monster winged coaster named Gatekeeper.




8/30/13 Buena Park, CA. After 2 years, one year SBNO. Knott's cursed Windseeker will be relocated to Worlds of Fun in KC, MO. under the name SteelHawk. Should be lots of fun during tornados.

8/30/13 Valencia, CA. Tweeners will be Butt-Hurt, SFMM, will not be getting a new thrill machine for 2014, but a "Kiddie area" expansion instead.

7/19/13 Arlington, TX. Accident! Today, a women fell out of the Texas Giant rollercoaster and pronounced dead at the scene. Apparently after the first drop, the safety bar released and she tumbled out.

5/08/13 California. Knott's Berry Farm's Boardwalk is scheduled to open may 25th, the Log ride should open, a few days later. Goldstriker at Ca's Great America should open later this month, as it is already operational.

01/03/2013 Buena Park, CA Knott's, announced yesterday, the Timber Mountain Log Ride will close Jan. 7th and undergo a multi-million dollar re-fit. The ride will be given new displays and other goodies. The nations oldest log ride will re-open in May. Awesome!

7/1/12 Valencia, CA Lex Luthor Drop of Dumb will not open till July 7th. Needs more testing, anyone surprised a SFMM ride isn't going to open on time?

12/07/11 Santa Clara, CA. JMA Ventures backed out of the sale. Great America will remain a Cedar Fair park. However the 69ers will get their dumbass stadium in the CGA parking lot. Boo!

11/01/11 Valencia, CA. A rumor was going around, last week, that Magic Mountain was going to remove the Log Jammer. I went to the park on Monday and asked the suit, supervising the ride, If it was true. He confirmed it. I asked why; He said that "they felt it was time to retire it". He couldn't say it with a straight face. I will comment more in the forums. But, this is bullshit. Log Jammer has been in service since opening day, of the park. For 40 years, it made us wet and happy. That ride made Magic Mountain a success.  Though old, Log Jammer is one of the best Log Flumes in the world and this is shameless. They, were keeping this a secret, they were going, to sneak it out, and throw it in the dumpster, in the middle of the night. I got a last ride on Monday, but thousands, of true fans, didn't.

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